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Test Stands & Component Testing

Real-time and online measuring & evaluation supports dynamic deformation analysis during function and behavior tests for entire components. GOM's high- & standard-speed measuring systems can be easily integrated in standard test stands such as:

The evaluation of torsion, bending, displacement, velocity and acceleration factors makes it possible to analyze safety risks, part lifetimes, creep & aging processes as well as visual appearance over time and usage. Optical metrology therefore detects bad part behavior and assists root cause analysis, e.g. disturbing noises, vibrations and complex movements, delivering specific feedback for fast design/product improvements. Deformation results are supplied via enhanced reporting:

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Automotive Testing: Optical 3D Metrology improves Safety and Comfort

To speed up design and simulation, the automotive industry relies on optical measuring systems. Applications include crash and impact tests as well as climate chamber, wind tunnel and fatigue testing.
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3D Deformation Determination of Tire Surfaces in Extreme Driving Conditions

3D deformation measurement improves rolling resistance and riding comfort in the development of new tires.
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3D Windscreen Wiper Deformation

Deformation measurement helps improve windscreen wiper performance.
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Optimization of Vehicle Safety

Optical Measuring Techniques for the Determination and Visualization of 3D Displacements in Crash Investigations.
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3D Motion Analysis during Door Slam Testing

During door slam testing, point-based systems like PONTOS show 3D displacement vectors, while additionally measuring real speed and acceleration.
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Crash-Test: Side Impact Test

Deformation analysis of a front passenger´s door and B-pillar. At a speed of 50 km/h the B-pillar gets pushed into passenger compartment up to 400 mm (50 images / 100 ms). The loose indoor panel becomes an additional danger for the occupant.
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Crash-Test: Passenger Safety

Test sled crash at 25km/h, measurement of online-movements of single coordinates on the crash-test-dummy as well as analysis of trajectories.
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Full-field Deformation Analysis of Car Tires

The optical measuring system ARAMIS allows for a full-field analysis of the 3D deformation behavior of tires under different load conditions on a testing rig.
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