Features GOM Inspect Professional

GOM Inspect Professional has an extended function array that builds on the free GOM Inspect software for inspections and analysis of measurement data. From the measurement result right back to the creation of an element, GOM Inspect Professional offers wide-ranging and comprehensive traceability with parametric inspection. This contributes greatly to process security throughout the entire system.

Evaluation tools for an extensive analysis of parts and components

  • • Import of point clouds: ATOS, STL, PLY, ASCII, ...
  • • Polygon mesh generation: smoothing, thinning, hole filling, optimization of mesh edges, creation of mesh bridges, calculation of a Golden Mesh, ...
  • • CAD Import: CATIA V4, CATIA V5, PRO/E, Unigraphics, IGES, STEP, JT-Open, Parasolid, PLY, ...
  • • Measurement plan import: ASCII, CSV, FTA, ...
  • • Multiple alignments within one project: automatic pre-alignment, RPS, 3-2-1, plane-line-point, best-fit, hierarchical, alignments based on local coordinate systems, ...
  • • CAD comparison: surface, sections, points, ...
  • • CAD-based primitive generation: lines, planes, circles, cylinders, cones, ...
  • • Curvature based inspection: flush and gap analysis, spring-back analysis, inspection of form and character lines, creation of smoothed spline curves, ...
  • • Trend/SPC analysis
  • • 2D section-based analysis
  • • Inspection functions: dimensions, virtual calipers, angles, diameters, ...
  • • GD&T analysis based on ISO 1101 and ASME Y14.5 standards
  • • Reporting: first article inspection, tables (e.g. VDA), free definable report templates, screen presentation of reports, videos from stage projects, manual and automatic positioning of labels, ...
  • GOM Inspect: Free 3D viewer

Feature Highlights

Parametric Inspection

With GOM‘s parametric concept, each individual element retains its creation path within the software structure. All actions and evaluation steps are fully traceable and interlinked. Individual elements can be modified and adjusted at any time, and a one-button solution updates all dependent elements automatically after changes have been made.


The exact creation parameters and the selection of measurements and points for each element can be traced to source, verified, and, where necessarily, adjusted. The traceability of all measurement results is guaranteed. This property in the parametric concept plays a vital role in the reliability of the quality control process.

Teaching by Doing

With Teaching by Doing, any completed evaluation can easily be applied to two or more parts. Thanks to the parametric design, the software automatically stores each individual inspection step. All evaluation steps can be operated without scripting, previous planning or user intervention, so that no time is spent on programming.

Trend, SPC and Deformation Analysis

The underlying parametric concept of the GOM software makes it possible to implement trend analysis for multiple evaluations, for example, in statistical process control (SPC) or for deformation analysis. This enables full-field evaluation of several parts or stages within a single project and offers functionalities for determining statistical analysis values such as Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, Min, Max, Avg and Sigma.

Measuring Principles

GOM's inspection approach is based on measuring principles. A measuring principle defines the method used to create an actual element and it assures the automatic link between nominal and actual data.

Virtual Measuring Room (VMR)

The VMR is a virtual, yet functional representation of the real world. The VMR is a fully integrated solution, allowing for the complete reproduction of automated measurement processes. Combining the parametric inspection processes offered by GOM Inspect Professional, the VMR enables the execution of automated measurements: import of measurement plans, offline and online programming, 3D measurement simulation, collision control, safety, data capturing, inspection and reporting. more...

First Article Inspection Reports

Measuring reports are adapted to the inspection task using fully customizable report templates. Tables are available, e.g. in standardized VDA format. All measuring results can be shared with customers and colleagues using the free GOM Inspect 3D viewer.

More details about latest software features are available on www.gom-inspect.com

GOM Inspect Professional Specifications

Data import

CAD data
CAD data
Measuring plans Point clouds
(3D scanner)
  • • IGES
  • • STEP 203/214
  • • VDA
  • • JT-Open
  • • STL
  • • PLY
  • • SolidWorks
  • • CATIA (v4, v5, v6)
  • • Siemens NX (Unigraphics)
  • • Parasolid(.x_t* and .x_b*)
  • • SAT
  • • ASCII
  • • CSV
  • • FTA
  • • CATIA List
  • • ...
  • • STL
  • • ASCII
  • • POL
  • • PSL
  • • PLY

Mesh processing


Construction and measurement planning

Parametric Inspection

Report module

Module VMR

Integrated macro recorder for automation of processes